Who is Nonprofit, Inc?

Our mission:

To promote public safety by ensuring that the transition individuals make from jail to the community is successful.


What is Our Motivation?

We were established to make a positive change in Atlanta's communities due to the high population of adult males that intersect with the Fulton County Jail because of criminal and civil violations.


Our Leadership:

We are uniquely qualified to offer mentoring and support services to the jail reentry population. Our Co founders have both overcome the hardships of life and have dedicated themselves to creating an organization that will rewrite the futures of all men struggling with the correctional system. We know first-hand how lack of work, skills, resources or support systems can very easily lead an individual into a cyclical pattern landing them in and out of jail or prison.


How Will We Succeed?

Nonprofit, Inc will disrupt the cyclical pattern of recidivism based on the Theory of Change Model which includes mentorship, guidance and concrete support in times of need for men who are currently in or have been recently released from jail. 

Nonprofit, Inc  proudly serves to create lasting solutions to public safety and crime reduction.

​​Call us:

(770) 111-1111

​Find us: 

1111 Atlanta Blvd

Atlanta, Georgia 30310

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