The Nonprofit Program

What is it:

A 12 month Program that provides reentry services for adult men who are residents of Atlanta, and who are currently in or recently released from the Fulton County Jail.


Reentry is a process that begins when an individual is incarcerated (pre-release) and ends with his successful community reintegration and reduction in the risk of recidivism (post-release). 


1. Comprehensive Assessment of needs 

2. Immediate referrals to address needs

3. Mentorship

       - One on One

       - Group

4. Monthly Seminars (with guest speakers)

5. Program Transition Planning

6. Post Program Follow Up

12 Month Service Schedule 

Month 1-3:

  • Initial assessment

  • Resources and referrals to community-based organizations, medical, and legal practitioners

  • Weekly mentoring

  • Transportation and Emergency Services

  • Government Services and/or Justice information and support

  • Workforce Development Linkages 

Month 4-6:

  • Bi-Weekly Mentoring, and resources and referrals as needed

Month 7-9:

  • Mid-term assessment to determine program impact

  • Begin Monthly Mentoring

Month 10-12:

  • Continue Monthly Mentoring

  • Beginning mentor training for mentee to mentor others who are new to the program

  • Post assessment to determine program impact

  • Exit Planning 

What are we going to accomplish?


Improve housing status for individuals leaving jail


Improve rates of self-sufficient employment for individuals leaving jail 


Individuals have access to needed mental health and substance abuse treatment before and after release from jail


Improve offender access to basic resources and services in the community after release

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Nonprofit, Inc  proudly serves to create lasting solutions to public safety and crime reduction.

​​Call us:

(770) 111-1111

​Find us: 

1111 Atlanta Blvd

Atlanta, Georgia 30310

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