Believing in Better

The need for intervention and services for adult males who have or will face jail-time is great.


According to the Georgia Center of Opportunity:

  • Georgia spends over $21,000 for every offender that recidivates.

  • Over 30% of released offenders are rearrested within 3 years. 

  • Georgia holds the highest percentage of Ex-Felons nationwide. 

With focused and consistent community-based support, the odds of returning back to a life of incarceration drops to a dramatically low number. 


We have dedicated ourselves to fixing these issues the Georgia Department of Corrections failed to address. 

The Nonprofit


Our community-based program will impact and change the trajectory for over 100 men exiting the jail system each year.

Any donation that you contribute is greatly appreciated and helps us push our community forward!

Nonprofit, Inc  proudly serves to create lasting solutions to public safety and crime reduction.

​​Call us:

(770) 111-1111

​Find us: 

1111 Atlanta Blvd

Atlanta, Georgia 30310

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